Short English summary

Short English summary

Publisert av Gunnar Langfjord den 15.01.23. Oppdatert 17.01.23.

BMW MC-klubben Norway

The BMW MC-klubben Norge - founded 01.08.1981 - has around 2000 members all over Norway.

The main event every year since foundation is The BMW-treffet (always first weekend in August) and arranged in different places around Norway.

Social gathering, tours and annual meeting. Ca 250 participants, around 5% from abroad.

Every member receives a magazine 4 times a year.

Members may in addition join a local club under the main umbrella. Most of the year round activities are in local clubs (11 at the moment).

For information regarding our annual meeting please check link on our website.

If anyone needs information about travelling in Norway or needs a nice route to our annual meeting, please contact us.